Our Staff

The PPWCMA employs a staff team led by CEO David Buntine, and overseen by the PPWCMA Board.

The PPWCMA is made up of the following business units:

Business and Governance Team

The Business Team is responsible for the Finance, Governance, Marketing, Communications, OHS, Human Resources and Administrative operations of the PPWCMA.

Environmental Strategy Team

The Environmental Strategy Team develops, coordinates and implements the Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS).

Environmental Projects Team

The Environmental Projects Team develops and delivers a number of major, collaborative environmental projects that align with the Regional Catchment Strategy. This team also manages the distribution of Victorian and Australian Government funds to environmental priorities within the region.

Landcare and Sustainable Agriculture Team

The Landcare and Sustainable Agriculture Team encourages the adoption of resilient and innovative farming to promote ecosystem services. Farmers and agricultural industry groups are supported in their use of sustainable land management practices and through building capacity, Landcare’s ability to undertake projects that align with national, state and regional biodiversity priorities is enhanced.

The following document contain further staff details and information

Staff Structure 2016

PPWCMA Corporate Plan 2016-17

PPWCMA Annual Report 2014-15