Current Media Releases


November 2014

Victorian State election - caretaker period notice 9/11/2014
CMA Actions and Achievements Report now available 3/11/2014

October 2014

2013/14 PPWCMA Annual Report 16/10/2014
$450,000 for community-driven weed control in the Dandenongs 6/10/2014
PPWCMA Newsletter - October issue 2/10/2014

September 2014

$250,000 boost for community grants 19/09/2014
Local people, local projects, local grants 8/09/2014

August 2014

PPWCMA Newsletter - August issue 4/08/2014

July 2014

Students help to rebuild critically endangered bird habitat 21/07/2014
Celebrating 1 million trees on Yaloak Estate 7/07/2014

June 2014

School students support Greening the Maribyrnong! 19/06/2014
PPWCMA Newsletter - June issue 2/06/2014
A picture perfect result for the PPWCMA Photo competition 2/06/2014 Photos

May 2014

Spreading the green love in Hampton Park 7/05/2014
Better links for living in Melbourne's South East 5/05/2014 Photos

April 2014

$370,000 awarded for local environment projects 29/04/2014
PPWCMA Newsletter - April issue 1/04/2014

March 2014

River Gum Reserve Community Planting Day 31/03/2014

February 2014

Melbirdians! Wanna get into urban birding? 24/02/2014
Victorians urged to use the Right Water 20/02/2014
$15 million available for smart local water projects 6/02/2014
PPWCMA Newsletter - February issue 5/02/2014

January 2014

Grow West celebrates a decade of landscape restoration 6/01/2014


December 2013

PPWCMA newsletter - December issue 19/12/2013

November 2013

PPWCMA newsletter - November issue 12/11/2013

October 2013

2012/13 Annual Report 16/10/2013

September 2013

Judith Eardley Yarra Wildlife Grant - CLOSING SOON 9/09/2013
Community Grants 3/09/2013
PPWCMA Newsletter - September issue 2/09/2013

August 2013

Employment opportunities at the PPWCMA 29/08/2013
Local champions recognised at the Victorian Landcare Awards 29/08/2013
‘Setting Environmental Targets’ – Workshops for Councils in mid September 28/08/2013

July 2013

Habitat Protection and Conservation Project Newsletter 31/07/2013
Let them plant trees and eat cake 22/07/2013
PPWCMA guides provide support to staff 16/07/2013
New PPWCMA Corporate Plan 9/07/2013

June 2013

PPWCMA Newsletter - June issue 24/06/2013
One Day Farm Chemical Users Refresher Course 3/06/2013

May 2013

Volunteers in the spotlight 20/05/2013
The Weekly Times features our volunteers 13/05/2013
‘Thanks a million’ for caring for our environment 13/05/2013
Employment opportunity: Grow West Environmental Project Cordinator 7/05/2013
Autumn issue of Landcare & Community Newsletters 1/05/2013

April 2013

French Island Landcare Group Clean up Australia Day, focusing on threats to the Island 29/04/2013
Yarra4Life Business Plan 22/04/2013
Shared targets will achieve a better environment 15/04/2013
PPWCMA Newsletter - April issue 15/04/2013
Want to help protect your patch? 14/04/2013

March 2013

Protecting wildlife in Victorian Ramsar wetlands 25/03/2013
Ramsar Protection Program at Work on Reef Island 19/03/2013
Clean-up Australia Day Produces a Record Haul at Cannons Creek 12/03/2013
Back to the future – recreating an ancient landscape of swamp and wetlands 12/03/2013
Appointments to Victoria's Catchment Management Authority Boards from October 2013 4/03/2013

February 2013

A day around the shores of French Island 28/02/2013
PPWCMA Enewsletter, February issue 20/02/2013
Landcare Newsletters available to view online 12/02/2013

January 2013

Habitat Protection and Conservation Project Newsletter 30/01/2013
Short-tailed Shearwaters - the plucky birds with an extraordinary story of migration and survival 13/01/2013
Grow West turns ten years old 13/01/2013


December 2012

Neighbours share knowledge to benefit stock and land 19/12/2012
PPWCMA Enewsletter - December 2013 19/12/2012
Changing farming practices benefits stock and wildlife 12/12/2012
Collaboration benefiting wildlife in Victorian Ramsar wetlands 12/12/2012
Living alongside Southern Brown Bandicoots - the small native marsupial with a surprising choice of habitat 5/12/2012

November 2012

Agricultural productivity and habitat protection go hand-in-hand 26/11/2012
Horse property owners save valuable bushland 21/11/2012
Funding available for landholders in the west 19/11/2012
Friends of Hoddle Creek Newsletter - Spring 2012 13/11/2012

October 2012

PPWCMA Enewsletter - October 2012 17/10/2012
Yarra Valley Equestrian Landcare Group - course information 11/10/2012
Macclesfield Landcare Group Newsletter - October 2012 11/10/2012

September 2012

Is the whole greater than the sum of the parts? 19/09/2012
Learn about safe chemical use to control pests 12/09/2012
$1 million available to protect threatened parrots' home 10/09/2012
Port Phillip and Western Port Landcare Awards 2012 - Dedication and innovation recognised 8/09/2012

August 2012

PPWCMA enewsletter - August 2012 16/08/2012
PPWCMA Community Grants now open 13/08/2012

July 2012

Minister plants millionth tree for Grow West 17/07/2012

June 2012

Port Phillip and Western Port Landcare Award nominations open 26/06/2012
PPWCMA enewsletter - June 2012 26/06/2012
Expos help landowners access funding to protect habitat 7/06/2012

May 2012

State Government announces $1million in funding for Landcare 23/05/2012
Platypus need your help 22/05/2012
Native species set to thrive along Maribyrnong 21/05/2012
PPWCMA enewsletter - May 2012 1/05/2012

April 2012

Largest environmental joint-project to clean up the Maribyrnong River Valley 24/04/2012
Macclesfield Landcare - Newsletter April 2012 16/04/2012

March 2012

Local Yarra Valley charity donates $300,000 to protect wildlife 22/03/2012
Funding for land improvment - Casey 15/03/2012
Demystifying climate change for landholders 8/03/2012
PPWCMA enewsletter - March 2012 6/03/2012
Helmeted Honeyeater Herald - Autumn Edition 2012 6/03/2012
Funding for land improvement 1/03/2012

February 2012

Macclesfield Landcare Newsletter - February 2012 23/02/2012
Use chemicals safely to control pests 13/02/2012
PPWCMA Enewsletter - February 2012 7/02/2012

January 2012

Revitalise your Landcare Group 31/01/2012


November 2011

Community grants supporting on ground action 15/11/2011
2010-2011 Annual Report tabled 15/11/2011
Living Links Master Plan 14/11/2011
Managing Horses on Small Properties - FREE seminars 7/11/2011
PPWCMA Enewsletter - October 2011 2/11/2011

October 2011

Subsidised Farm Chemical Users Course to better manage your land against pest plants and animals 11/10/2011
Melbourne enviro groups to share in river health grants 10/10/2011
Protecting Australia’s threatened species 5/10/2011
New CMA board members appointed 3/10/2011

September 2011

A burst of Red Energy for biolinks 21/09/2011
Rabbit control demonstration in the Yarra Valley 21/09/2011
Invasive Plants and Animals Strategy now published 13/09/2011
Protecting our local Southern Brown Bandicoots - Information Session 7/09/2011
Managing bushland on private properties – Information Session 1/09/2011

August 2011

More habitat for Yellingbo’s endangered Helmeted Honeyeaters 31/08/2011
Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater Newsletter - Spring 2011 23/08/2011
You can help bridge the missing link 16/08/2011
Pentland Hills Landcare Group July Newsletter 16/08/2011
PPWCMA ‘grant writing’ workshops 16/08/2011
Is that a Southern Brown Bandicoot in your backyard? 10/08/2011
PPWCMA Enewsletter - August 2011 9/08/2011
Landcare and Community Grants up for grabs 3/08/2011

July 2011

No more bandicoot stew please! 27/07/2011
Grow West community day attracts visitors from near and far 18/07/2011
Expressions of Interest – Living Links Urban Landscape Connectivity Master Plan 13/07/2011
New PPWCMA Corporate Plan 11/07/2011
New chair of PPWCMA 6/07/2011

June 2011

Newsletter of the Friends of Kurth Kiln Group - June 2011 30/06/2011
Research unlocks the secrets of collaboration 22/06/2011
PPWCMA E-newsletter - June 2011 1/06/2011

May 2011

Bushfire Recovery Project featured on ABC Radio 13/05/2011

April 2011

Making a Meal out of Climate Change 6/04/2011
Videos helping landholders and the environment on the long road to recovery after Black Saturday 5/04/2011

March 2011

PPWCMA Enewsletter - March 2011 22/03/2011
Have your say on a plan to manage weeds and pest animals 17/03/2011

January 2011

Grow West wins Mayors Award 27/01/2011
Australian Government $$ for endangered native species 17/01/2011
PPWCMA Announces New Community NRM Coordinator Roles 5/01/2011


September 2010

Mornington Peninsula couple show the way at Landcare Awards 13/09/2010
Urban champions protecting Merri Creek recognized at Landcare Awards 13/09/2010
Fire recovery an amazing feat for Labertouche group 13/09/2010
Shire's focus on recovering community recognised at Landcare Awards 13/09/2010
Local lady an inspirational winner at Landcare Awards 13/09/2010
Young people show the way with recognition at Landcare Awards 13/09/2010
Sustainable property managers in the Bass Valley recognised at Landcare Awards 13/09/2010

August 2010

Lumo Energy partners with Living Links to help Mordialloc Creek SHINE! 16/08/2010

July 2010

Success at the Grow West Community Planting Day 28/07/2010
Local environmental groups offered a share of $3.35M 12/07/2010

June 2010

Rabbit problem eats into One Billion dollar yield 28/06/2010
Queen’s Day thank you a pat on the back for local man 15/06/2010
Winter a time for environmental inspiration - landcare awards 9/06/2010

April 2010

DSE release: Steely resolve will assist bushfire recovery 30/04/2010
Landcarers invited to shine at Landcare awards (Nominations close June 18th) 28/04/2010
Fox control just one example of farmers and environmentalists working together 3/04/2010

March 2010

Yarra property a prime example for commercial farmers 24/03/2010

February 2010

Bushfire funding available to protect land, water and farm assets 10/02/2010
Coldstream Hills Invests in Victoria’s Endangered Wildlife Emblems 2/02/2010

January 2010

Lucky residents the key to protecting local Wetlands 25/01/2010
Council’s support attracts $450,000 Australian Government funding to the Yarra region 22/01/2010
Rare plant’s bushfire recovery shining through DSE/PV RELEASE 21/01/2010
Free Land Management Expo in Pearcedale 21/01/2010
Community grants supports grass roots environmental works 19/01/2010


October 2009

Coastcare Victoria Community Grants Now Open-Coastcare/DSE 5/10/2009

September 2009

Restoring creek habitat for native animals and birds 4/09/2009

July 2009

A patch of preciious habitat at Falkiner Park-another Living Link 24/07/2009
A patch of native habitat at glen park – adds another living link! 23/07/2009
Old horse dam site to be restored to a Living Link 23/07/2009
Grow West Planting Day Achievements 22/07/2009
Community gets its hands dirty to restore the environment 9/07/2009
Australian Government NRM announcement 3/07/2009

June 2009

PPWCMA has a fresh new look 30/06/2009
Genovese Coffee orders a double shot for Melbourne’s Yarra Valley 18/06/2009
Public interest called to improve local catchment 11/06/2009

May 2009

Help plan ‘Living Links’ for South East Melbourne 21/05/2009
Drought Employment Program helps rebuild after bushfires 8/05/2009

April 2009

Bushfire - Introductory session a place to start for landholders 24/04/2009
Locals plant for success in the West 20/04/2009
Melton/Wyndham groups kick up their heels for the environment 13/04/2009

March 2009

Landcare buddies for bushfire recovery in for the long haul 20/03/2009

January 2009

Drought funding available to landholders 28/01/2009
Port Phillip and Westernport Projects Share in $3M 14/01/2009


December 2008

Coldstream Hills funding to benefit Yarra 21/12/2008
Local projects help create healthy communities 17/12/2008

September 2008

Actions speak loudly as our Heroes celebrate 16/09/2008
Indigenous contribution recognised at awards 6/09/2008
Manningham Council takes honours at Awards 6/09/2008
Chinamans Creek in focus for award 6/09/2008
Caring community recognises local for his work 6/09/2008
Environment benefits as school & community 6/09/2008
Local group champion threatened species 6/09/2008
Private Landcarer an inspiration 6/09/2008
Innovation earns HeHo community Landcare award 6/09/2008
Work at home keeps farm land healthy 6/09/2008
‘Smell of eucalypts’ inspired 40 years of landcare 6/09/2008
Local heroes at your local council 2/09/2008
Spirit of the Bunyip – planting 100 kms biolinks 1/09/2008

August 2008

The power of one – heroes who make a difference 29/08/2008
Community grants open 28/08/2008
French Island – haven or threatened wilderness? 19/08/2008
Jemena gets its hands dirty for the environment 4/08/2008

July 2008

Victoria’s most precious bird offered a reprieve 2/07/2008

May 2008

Can I be paid for farming nature? 28/05/2008
Green warriors to be counted at awards 20/05/2008
Living Links – healthy pathways for the future 8/05/2008

April 2008

Local Landcare fellow off to the U.S. 28/04/2008
Priority programs a success for PPWCMA 15/04/2008
Mornington Peninsula receives environmental boost 8/04/2008

February 2008

Drought funding available to landholders 15/02/2008

January 2008

Local environment the winner as Living Links kicks into gear 30/01/2008


December 2007

MELB ENVIRO REPORT-Are you an Urban Greenie? 18/12/2007
MELB ENVIRO REPORT-Collingwood Football Club and the environment 18/12/2007
MEL ENVIRO REPORT - Quotes 18/12/2007
MELB ENVIRO REPORT - Melbourne environment needs work 18/12/2007
MELB ENVIRO REPORT - What does it mean for your backyard? 18/12/2007
Calling all green mobile phone users 10/12/2007

November 2007

Drouin brings landcare to the people 11/11/2007
Landowner rebates a good incentive for Landcare 5/11/2007

October 2007

landcare makes good business sense 4/10/2007

September 2007

Local landholders go native for a better environment 21/09/2007

August 2007

Community grants open for 2007 28/08/2007

July 2007

Grant to boost Grow West land care initiatives 31/07/2007