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Local environmental heroes will be recognised for their contribution to the environment during Landcare Week (September 3-9) on Saturday 6 September when the 2008 Port Phillip and Western Port Landcare Awards are held at ZINC in Melbourne.

Research conducted earlier this year shows that 40%* of Australians are worried enough about the environment that they to want to volunteer on local environmental projects and for most of our heroes, that desire to make a difference is reason enough.

The theme of Landcare Week 2008 is Landcare Heroes and while Landcare Australia is leaning on ambassadors like actor Jack Thompson to get the message out to the greater public, local heroes around Melbourne are the ones making a difference in our own backyard.

Run by the Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment Management Authority, the Landcare Award nominations confirm the quality of work taking place across the catchment.

CEO Mr David Buntine says, “you can’t underestimate the contribution that these individuals, groups and organisations provide in making our region a better and healthier place to live. The countless volunteer hours and the vision and drive these individuals and organisations have are immeasurable. These people really are our environmental heroes,” Mr Buntine said.

Nominees for the Landcare Awards come from far and wide and feature individuals, groups and organisations making their contribution to the environment. There have been 45 nominations for the Awards, over 11 categories, and an array of local heroes all of whom deserve recognition for their work.

Categories for the 2008 Port Phillip and Western Port Landcare Awards are:

• Individual Caring for Public Land

• Individual Caring for Private Land

• Primary Producer Caring for Land

• Caring for Waterways

• Caring for Nature

• Local Government Caring for Land

• Young People Caring for Land

• Community Group Caring for Public Land

• Community Group Caring for Private Land

• Caring for Community Groups

• Indigenous Caring for Land

The event takes place on Saturday 6 September at ZINC, Federation Square, Melbourne. Special Guests are Australian Actress Kerry Armstrong and former Young Australian of the Year and Director, Firestarter Communications Arron Wood.

Anyone interested to attend should visit www.ppwcma.vic.gov.au or call the PPWCMA.


Media enquiries:

Anne Gigney, PPWCMA Communications Manager, 03 8781 7900

* Research conducted by Landcare Australia


2008 Port Phillip and Western Port Landcare Awards are brought to you by Citipower, Melbourne Water and the Department of Sustainability and Environment’s Victorian Landcare Program

Release Date02 September 2008
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