Freedom of Information

The Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982 gives you the right to request access to documents about your personal affairs held by government agencies. You also have the right to request that agencies amend or remove incorrect or misleading information they hold about you.

The Port Phillip & Westernport CMA is considered a ‘government agency’ under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and is required to comply with the Act and the procedures outlined in it. A decision to release information is made by an authorised officer.


Making a Freedom of Information (FoI) request

There are two ways to make an FoI request with the PPWCMA:

  1. Complete the PPWCMA Freedom of Information Access Request Form and return to:
    Port Phillip & Westernport CMA
    Attention: Freedom of Information Officer
    Level 1, 454-472 Nepean Highway
  2. Email your FoI request to ensuring that you state:- that you are making a request under the Freedom of Information Act
    – which documents are required
    – what type of access you require

Please note that for the PPWCMA to process and FOI request it must be valid:

  • received in writing (letter, form or email);
  • provide enough information to enable a responsible officer to identify the requested documents; and
  • include the application fee.


Costs associated with FoI requests

The following fees and charges are determined by the Freedom of Information (Access Charges) Regulation 1993. Other charges may apply – go to for up to date information on the application fee and access charges. All fees are GST free. Some fees and charges may be waived due to financial difficulty, if the request is routine or if the request is in the public’s interest.

  • FoI application fee: $28.90
  • FoI photocopying fee: $0.20 per A4 black & white page
  • FoI search fee: 1 hours = $21.30; 2 hours = $42.70; 3 hours = $64.00 (or part of an hour)


Responding to FoI requests

The PPWCMA must respond to a request within 30 days of receiving it. The 30 day period does not begin until the FOI request is deemed valid. This timeframe may be extended if further clarification, consultation or access charges are required.

Sometimes a request is refused to protect personal privacy or for other special reasons. If a request is refused, applicant has up to 28 days to appeal.


Documents available for public inspection

For the benefit of the public, the PPWCMA releases a large amount of information through online and print media, as well as in-person service provision.

The FOI Part II statement demonstrates how the PPWMCA is making information readily available to the public. Making information easily accessible reduces the need for members of the public to submit
FoI requests.

Please note, the part II statement is only a snapshot of the types of documents held by the PPWCMA – they by no means represent an exhaustive list of the information that is publicly available. If searching for a specific topic, more thorough results may be obtained by conducting a full search of this website or by contacting the PPWCMA for assistance.


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