Our Role

Our role is to support organisations and communities in the Port Phillip and Western Port region to enhance the health and resilience of our land, water and biodiversity. We foster collaboration – making it beneficial for the many government and non-government organisations to work together to achieve outstanding outcomes with their collective resources and effort.

Our community services

Collaborative strategy
Bringing organisations and people together to achieve outstanding outcomes with their collective resources and effort.

Landcare support
Supporting Landcare and community groups to be active and capable and play a significant role in natural resource management.

Aboriginal participation
Supporting Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities to retain and enhance their connection to Country.

Community awareness
and engagement
Promoting community awareness and understanding of the importance of land and water resources.

Our on-ground action

Waterways and wetlands
Enhancing internally-significant Ramsar wetlands.

Native vegetation
Protecting and improving threatened native vegetation types.

Native animals
Supporting the recovery of threatened native animal species.

Sustainable agriculture
Increasing the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices.

Water services in the region

Melbourne Water is the waterway management authority in the Port Phillip and Western Port region. They manage and protect the region’s major water resources, including water storage reservoirs, drinking water, and waterways. This is a different to the other catchment management regions of Victoria, where the Catchment Management Authorities are also the waterway management authorities. 

Water retail companies manage the water and sewerage services that bring water to you and take waste away. They purchase fresh drinking water from Melbourne Water to supply to you, then transfer sewage back into Melbourne Water’s system for treatment.

Who to contact for water services

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