Avian Influenza outbreaks

4 September 2020

Golden Plains Shire, on the cusp of our region, has had two outbreaks of high pathogenic H7N7 avian influenza, and a third farm has had an outbreak of the low pathogenic strain H5N2 and tracing investigations lead to a poultry farm in Bairnsdale. A separate strain of low pathogenic H7N6 avian influenza has also been detected at an emu farm near Kerang. Decontamination of these four sites is underway to ensure all remnants of the virus are eliminated.

Please be aware of the requirements for a permit on the movement of poultry, poultry products and vehicles involved in poultry production within the restricted and control areas. Bird and poultry owners in adjoining Moorabool Shire should be aware of these detections and watch for symptoms such as respiratory distress, coughing or sneezing, rapid drop in food intake or general signs of unwellness.

Poultry farmers and backyard flock and bird owners are urged to report any cases of unexplained bird deaths to the 24-hour Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888, to your local vet or to Agriculture Victoria animal health staff.

More information and regular updates are available on theĀ Agriculture Victoria website.