Water Services in the region

Melbourne Water is the waterway management authority in the Port Phillip and Western Port region. They manage and protect the region’s major water resources, including water storage reservoirs, drinking water, and waterways.

This is a different to the other catchment management regions of Victoria, where the Catchment Management Authorities are also the waterway management authorities. 

Water retail companies manage the water and sewerage services that bring water to you and take waste away. They purchase fresh drinking water from Melbourne Water to supply to you, then transfer sewage back into Melbourne Water’s system for treatment.

Who should I contact?

Contact Melbourne Water if you have any enquiries relating to the following topics (in the Port Phillip and Western Port region):

  • Waterways management, including the condition and management of rivers and creeks, vegetation bed and bank stability
  • Water supply catchments
  • Wholesale water and recycled water
  • Sewerage
  • Drainage systems, including drainage schemes (sometimes referred to as development schemes)
  • Flood management
  • Flood level information, including flood level certificates
  • Pre-development advice when applying to council for a planning or building permit
  • Planning applications that could affect waterways, drainage or water quality
  • Applications to build near an easement or water asset.

Contact your local water retailer if you have an enquiry about your water bill/account or water supply.

About the Port Phillip & Westernport CMA

The Port Phillip & Westernport CMA support organisations and communities to protect and enhance the region’s environment. We work in partnership with organisations like Melbourne Water and water retailers to achieve this. For more information about the role of the Port Phillip & Westernport CMA and its partners, visit the About Us section of this website.