Landcare facilitators learning together

27 November 2019

This week the Port Phillip and Westernport CMA delivered two days of training in the Moorabool and Werribee catchments for the region’s Landcare facilitators, as part of a series of training events supported by the Victorian Government.

Landcare facilitators are highly resourceful workers, but juggle a variety of roles and responsibilities within their Landcare networks.

The region’s facilitators had indicated a desire for more hands-on ways to experience the different land management challenges and opportunities facing the region. The training aimed to provide this opportunity, as well as some valuable networking with other land managers and facilitators.

The event also enabled facilitators to discuss and share ideas and approaches, and take part in discussions surrounding the Victorian Landcare Program.

Facilitators working across the Port Phillip and Western Port region were also joined by representatives from DELWP, Landcare Victoria and Corangamite region Landcare facilitators.

Day one

Waddawurrung (Wathaurang Aboriginal Corporation) led a tour that explained the deep spiritual connection and practicalities of life led by the Western Volcanic Plains people over the last millenia.

Scar trees, scattering of arceaological cutting tools and cooking hearths were among the highlights shown during the special day tour led by Dr Ilya Berelov. In some places the ground was covered in arceological items, giving the cultural awareness training a practical component.

The connection to waterways, creation stories and family recollections were weaved among a day surrounded by respect and conversation.

Wadawurrung lead an on-country sour of significant sites

Landcare facilitators also learnt about the work being done at Mt Rothwell Conservation Centre and the challenges they face around ongoing maintenance demands, supporting volunteers and preserving low populations of species.

Led by facilitator Cassie Price, a night walk showed the incredible progress being made at Mr Rothwell, including rabbit and fox free habitat for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby and Eastern Quoll.

Day two

Facilitators learnt about the the longstanding, landscape restoration program, Grow West.

Grow West Coordinator, Helena Lindorff, and Moorabool Landcare Facilitator, Roger MacRaild outlined the landscape-scale revegetation the program has undertaken over the last 15 years, and how the resilience and adaptability of the program’s collaborative model that has led to its success.

Facilitators got to see the long-term outcomes of the program’s work from a number of high vantage points, including the newly revived Rowsley Nursery.

Facilitators with Grow West Coordinator, Helena Lindorff

The day ended with a tour of Sheoak Hill in Glenmore led by Farm Manager Chris Lunardi. The property has connections with many conservation programs including Moorabool Landcare Network, Grow West, Mt Rothwell and Wadawurrung.

Thanks to all that attended and supported the training.

Landcare in the Port Phillip and Western Port region.

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