Native Ground Cover Planting Continues at Red Hill Cherry Farm

4 May 2017

Last week the Port Phillip & Westernport CMA’s Regional Landcare Facilitator, Karen Thomas, planted up some native ground covers in some inter-rows at the Red Hill Cherry Farm.

The orchard has a trial site which has been previously sown with native grasses. Although these have taken off well, there are still bare patches which need to be covered before the winter rains.

Native ground covers can spread to cover anĀ area quickly, as well as flower to provide a food source for many beneficial insects.

A mix of species will fill in the bare patches and create inter-rows including:

  • Dichondra repens (kidney weed)
  • Kennedia prostrata (running postman)
  • Enchylaena tomentose (Ruby saltbush)
  • Viola hederacea (native violet)
  • Microlaena stipoides (weeping grass)
  • Austrodanthonia caespitosa (Common wallaby grass).

This mix of native species in areas which are not often considered in revegetation planning will support farm biodiversity.

In the future, some flowering lilies and everlastings will be added under the trees to further encourage pollinator insects into the orchard.

For more information contact Karen Thomas on 03 8781 7945 or