New funding to restore fisheries habitats

5 October 2020

The Australian Government is investing $8 million in 28 projects across the country under the Fisheries Habitat Restoration Program to assist in restoring the health and functionality of coastal and estuarine fisheries habitats.

Two of these projects will be delivered in the Port Phillip and Western Port region and led by the Port Phillip & Westernport CMA.

Reel Big Fish – Western Port

The ‘Reel Big Fish – Western Port’ project will contribute to the improvement of fisheries habitat by restoring critical vegetation communities throughout Western Port.

Mangrove forests will be restored at priority locations, contributing to an increase in the extent of suitable habitat for recreational fish species.

Mangroves are important nursery habitat for many of the fish recreational fishers love to catch, so along with restoring mangrove forests, the project will be connecting local fishers and the wider community with fish habitat specialists.

Through a number of events and forums they’ll work together to increase their understand the importance of fish habitat and how to contribute to its protection.

Port Phillip Community Shellfish Reef Project

In partnership with OzFish, this project will see recreational fishers become habitat heroes as an artificial shellfish reef is created on the site of a functionally extinct shellfish reef ecosystem in eastern Port Phillip Bay.

Recreational fishers will play a central role in the restoration and monitoring activities and assist with fish habitat recovery. They’ll also participate in multiple events, forums and activities to build recreational fisher knowledge and promote environmental stewardship and scientific literacy in the community.