New Landcare group created in Little River

26 November 2017

After many years of great work, Corio Landcare Group and the Little River Improvement Group have decided to combine their efforts and become the Little River Community Landcare Group.

Both organisations have experienced a downturn of membership, so the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority facilitated a public forum to discuss how there could be more community involvement in the natural environment. A real passion was shown for doing restoration work along the river and with weed control in the Victorian Volcanic Plains grassland.

This is a great result as lots of work has been put into revitalising Landcare in the Little River area over the past five years.

The first meeting of the Little River Community Landcare group will be held on Tuesday 6th February at Little River Hall at 7:30pm.

Please contact Anthony Dufty 9971 6506 for more information.