Green Wedges

Green Wedges are the non-urban areas of Metropolitan Melbourne.
They safeguard agricultural uses and preserve rural and scenic landscapes, non-renewable resources and natural areas including water Yarra Park Collingwood (7)catchments. They also play an important part in Melbourne’s open space network and provide opportunities for tourism and recreation.
The Green Wedges include areas that have high environmental, landscape, built or indigenous values.
These non-urban areas also contain infrastructure that supports urban areas, such as airports and quarries.

There are 12 green wedges:

  • Werribee South
  • Western Plains
  • South Western Plains
  • North Sunbury
  • Whittlesea
  • Nillumbik
  • Manningham
  • Yarra Valley and Yarran and Dandenong Ranges
  • Southern Ranges
  • Westernport
  • South East Mornington Peninsula