Yarra Ranges Landcare for Singles 3The people of the Port Phillip and Western Port region provide an immense pool of knowledge, skills, services and funds that play a vital role in the successful achievement of a better environment for the region.

Activities of the broader community, groups undertaking on-ground works, landholders improving farm practices, council activities, indigenous involvement in environmental projects and organisational support to improve the environment, are all key pieces that help make our region a better place to live.

How each of us think about the environment, how we use energy and water, how we manage our litter and waste and how we travel to work all contribute to the size of our individual and collective ecological footprint.

The role of our community groups in educating and encouraging others cannot be underestimated.  These groups provide others the opportunity to act responsibly, to influence others, to develop new skills, knowledge and employment, and they to provide leadership in improving our catchments, coasts and seas.

It is imperative the Port Phillip and Westernport CMA can provide resources, knowledge and skill building to support the work these groups and organisations undertake and continue to provide leadership through documents such as the Regional Catchment Strategy.