Peaks to Plains project in full swing

1 May 2019

The PPWCMA is currently delivering a three-year project funded by the Victorian Government, in partnership with Parks Victoria and Greater Geelong Council that aims to protect threatened flora and fauna species in the You Yangs Ranges and across the Werribee Plains to Little River through the eradication invasive weeds, rabbits and goats.

The granitic peaks of the You Yang Ranges and surrounding low lying grasslands of the Werribee Plains are some of Victoria’s most ecologically significant landscapes. Working across the landscape with key organisations and private landholders, the project will enhance 7,000 hectares for species such as the Spiny Rice-flower, Button Wrinklewort, Eastern Barred Bandicoot and the Plains Wanderer.

Project partner, Parks Victoria have recently set up camera traps within the You Yangs Regional Park and observed double the number of goats than were originally estimated. Weeds such as Boneseed are being tackled with the support of volunteer days run by Conservation Volunteers Australia and Little River Community Landcare Group.

In the coming months, the project will see monthly goat eradication activities conducted in the You Yangs Regional Park and weed and rabbit eradication begin on the private properties adjoining the park.

Project partners include Greater Geelong Council, Parks Victoria, Mt Rothwell Conservation Centre, Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation, Melbourne Water, Little River Landcare Group and NatureWest.