Collaborative Strategy

The Port Phillip & Westernport CMA is committed to making it beneficial and attractive for the region’s natural resource managers, organisations and community groups to work together. The PPWCMA believes this will achieve optimum outcomes with available resources and effort.

A key mechanism to assist this goal is the development and implementation of the Regional Catchment Strategy. The PPWCMA has responsibility under section 24 of the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 to prepare the Regional Catchment Strategy.

Port Phillip and Western Port Regional Catchment Strategy

The Port Phillip and Western Port Regional Catchment Strategy is the overarching plan for how land, water and biodiversity is managed across our region. It is developed by the PPWCMA in collaboration with Traditional Owners and regional agencies, organisations, groups and communities.

The strategy is intended to foster integration, efficiency and effectiveness in land, water and biodiversity management in the region.

Regional Catchment Strategy renewal

New Regional Catchment Strategies are being developed for each of Victoria’s 10 catchments throughout 2020-21.  Each region’s Catchment Management Authority is leading this development in partnership with stakeholder organisations and local communities.

The new strategies will foster integrated catchment management amongst the many organisations, groups and communities that are active in land, water and biodiversity management in each region. They will be produced as websites with a consistent structure that will advance coordination across the whole state.

They will outline the vision for each region, assess current condition and set targets for the future. They will outline how work in each region will contribute to implementing Government policies and achieving state-wide targets, whilst also incorporating the knowledge and priorities of local communities.

Importantly, the new strategies will strengthen the links with Traditional Owners and highlight and connect with Country Plans.