Landcare Support

Across the Port Phillip and Western Port region hundreds of community groups, typically as members of Landcare, Friends of and community environmental groups, contribute thousands of hours of volunteer work each year towards maintaining the health and resilience of natural resources in the region.

Landcare in Victoria is underpinned by the support of Victorian Government, which funds a Regional Landcare Coordinator role for each region, Landcare facilitators to support groups and networks, the annual Victorian Landcare Grants program and opportunities for Landcare volunteers and professionals.

On behalf of the Victorian Government, the PPWCMA provides strategic support for the Landcare movement in the Port Phillip and Western Port region. This support aims to foster and assist the continued contribution of Landcare groups and networks to the protection and enhancement of natural resources.

This service was originally hosted by the Port Phillip & Westernport CMA. The Port Phillip & Westernport CMA is integrating into Melbourne Water on 1 January 2022 and from this date Melbourne Water will be the delivery agency. 

Regional Landcare Coordinator

The Regional Landcare Coordinator for the Port Phillip and Western Port region is Barry Kennedy. Barry supports Landcare groups to develop the tools and resources they need to attract and keep people involved in environment efforts.

The Regional Landcare Coordinator role is funded by the Victorian Government and guided by the Landcare Support Plan.

Barry can be contacted at

Victorian Landcare Grants

Each year, the Victorian Government provides funding to support Landcare and environmental volunteering groups and networks that protect, enhance, and restore our land and natural environment.

The PPWCMA administers the Victorian Landcare Grants Program on behalf of the Victorian Government and monitors and evaluates the environmental impact of projects and reports on their outcomes.

The Victorian Landcare Grants are currently closed. Information on the 2022 grants will be available in May 2022.

Past grant recipients

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