Landcare Support

Across the Port Phillip and Western Port region hundreds of community groups, typically as members of Landcare, Friends of and community environmental groups, are active and influential in the protection and enhancement of natural resources. Together, these groups provide thousands of hours of volunteer work each year, valued in the millions, which contributes to maintaining the health and resilience of natural resources in the region.

Landcare in Victoria is underpinned by the support of Victorian Government, which funds a Regional Landcare Coordinator role for each CMA region, Landcare facilitators to support groups and networks, the annual Victorian Landcare Grants program and numerous valuable events and opportunities for Landcare volunteers and professionals.

For more than a decade, the PPWCMA has provided strategic support for the Landcare movement in the Port Phillip and Western Port region on behalf of the Victorian Government, in order to foster and assist the continued contribution of Landcare groups and networks and their members.

Our vision

To maintain a strong, active, capable, well-connected Landcare movement playing a significant and valuable role in natural resource management.

Our objectives

OutcomeBy 2024 – 25
Formal partnership agreements between the PPWCMA and Landcare networks in place and being actively implemented to support and enhance community-based leadership, collaboration and governance100% have partnerships.
Landcare groups directly supported by the PPWCMA (through grants, training, information sharing, etc.) to maintain active, widespread volunteerism, community connectedness and local on-ground action100% have partnerships.

Our projects

Regional Landcare Coordinator

The PPWCMA’s Regional Landcare Coordinator, Barry Kennedy, supports Landcare groups to develop the tools and resources they need to attract and keep people involved in environment efforts. The Regional Landcare Coordinator is funded by the Victorian Government and guided by the PPWCMA Landcare Support Plan (PDF – 2.6MB).

Landcare and community grants

Each year, the PPWCMA administers the Victorian Landcare Grants Program on behalf of the Victorian Government and monitors and evaluates the environmental impact of projects and report on their outcomes. The grants support the important work Landcare groups and networks, community groups and volunteer-based organisations undertake in the region and deliver on-ground projects.

Regional leadership development

Supported by the Victorian Government, the PPWCMA delivers regular training and development opportunities for Landcare and other community group members to participate in. This training focuses on key skills for volunteer groups, such as leadership, cultural awareness, social media and marketing, and governance.

Waterways of the West – Traditional Owner Engagement

Supported by the Victorian Government, the Waterways of the West – Traditional Owner Engagement project supports representatives from two Registered Aboriginal parties (RAPs) – Wurundjeri Woi wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation and Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation – to deliver a variety of cultural and educational services and knowledge sharing events to volunteer natural resource management groups based in the Maribyrnong and Werribee catchment areas.

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