Farms2Schools operated from July – December 2020 and used online school incursions to provide students with an insight into how agricultural products got from the paddock to their plate.

The program introduced students to farmers and agricultural industry workers from their local area, who shared information about farming through a range of visual and practical activities.

Three Farms2Schools Officers worked with the schools and farmers to deliver the program across the Port Phillip and Western Port region.

Farms2Schools was delivered by the Port Phillip & Westernport CMA in partnership with AUSVEG VIC and is supported by the Victorian Government’s Working for Victoria initiative.

Farms2Schools achievements

Between July and December 2020, the Farms2Schools program delivered 240 online incursions to 9963 students at 49 schools in the Greater Melbourne region.

The incursions were hosted by 40 local farmers, who shared who shared information and personal insights through presentations, demonstrations and farm tours.

The participating schools reported an 84 per cent increase in student knowledge and 98 per cent of teachers said they would recommend the program.

Farms2Schools resources

As part of the Farms2Schools program a range of learning and curriculum resources and links were developed. These resource include worksheets, videos and an interactive farm and aim to help teachers continue their lessons around sustainable agriculture.

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