Environmental and Agricultural Work Crews

The PPWCMA’s Environmental and Agricultural Work Crews were a six month project( November 2020 to April 2021) that assisted farmers, organisations and community groups to deliver their agricultural and environmental projects and improve their sustainability credentials while providing employment to Victorians impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Six crews worked across the Port Phillip and Western Port region to provide a range of agricultural and environmental services. including through weed control, plantings, maintenance, bushfire recovery and more.weed control, crop harvesting, insectary planting, Queensland Fruit Fly monitoring and more.

The PPWMCA was just one of Victoria’s Catchment Management Authorities that delivered a Working for Victoria Work Crew project. Together with North East CMA, Corangamite CMA, Mallee CMA and Glenelg Hopkins CMA, we were able to provide employment to 200 Victorians.

The PPWMCA’s Work Crew project was supported by the Victorian Government through the Working for Victoria initiative.

Work crew achievements and stories

Working for Victoria: project overview

The main focus of the Environmental and Agricultural Work Crews project was to provide employment. All crew members left upskilled after receiving on-ground and industry-standard training and many have gone on to receive employment in the NRM sector. As a result of their hard work, 51 landholders and 28 groups and organisations were supported, with 69 environmental sites improved. This video provides a great overview of the project’s achievements.

Crew stories

The heart and soul of our Agricultural and Environmental Work Crews project was the crew members. Every day they injected so much enthusiasm, persistence, initiative, patience, humour and passion into their work. We thank them for deciding that, in a really tough period, they would put their time into a project that helped other people and the environment. Here are some of their stories.

Supporting farmers

19 crew members worked in three agriculture-specific crews and over six months assisted 51 landholders, businesses and organisations. This invaluable work has provided so many benefits to landholders, the community and the environment, and the crew members received much heartfelt praise and gratitude. In this video, we hear from some of the people that benefited.

Protecting the environment rogether

31 crew members worked in three environment-specific crews and over six months assisted 28 groups and organisations to improve 69 environmental sites. This invaluable work has provided so many benefits to the community and the environment and helped the region’s residents get back into nature sooner. In this video, we hear some of their stories.

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