Farm Biodiversity

Farm biodiversity is a fundamental practice for farmers implementing any method of sustainable agriculture. Biodiversity creates a resilient ecosystem and there is strong evidence that species diversity leads to a productive and resilient farm enterprise.

Farm biodiversity plans

With eco-credentials and land stewardship becoming more accountable for recognition of good farm practices, farmers are often required to the document the biodiversity assets on their farm and publish a farm biodiversity plan.

To make this easier for farmers, the Port Phillip & Westernport CMA has developed a farm biodiversity template.

Farm biodiversity plan template

The below template and supporting documents will step you through how to do a stocktake of what natural assets already exist on your farm. This information will then be inputted into the biodiversity plan template, which you can save and use as needed.

It is recommended that you read the guide first and then refer to it when completing the template. The below video also steps you through the template and things you need to consider.

Further information

In you have any questions about farm biodiversity planning or the template contact:

Karen Thomas
Regional Agriculture Facilitator
Phone: 0427 480 170