Waterways and Wetlands

The PPWCMA plays a role in wetland management in this region by leading several projects funded by the Victorian Government and Australian Government contributing to the health and resilience of Ramsar wetlands. This work complements the significant roles in waterway and wetland management of various other organisations including Melbourne Water (as the waterway management authority for the region) and Parks Victoria. In addition, PPWCMA has the role of site coordinator for the management of the Western Port Ramsar site.

Our vision

The Ramsar wetlands in the Port Phillip and Western Port region are healthy and resilient with their ecological condition at high levels, threats to the ecological condition contained at low levels, diverse and healthy habitats and native animal populations, and increasingly healthy populations of threatened species including birds and mammals.

Our objectives

OutcomeBy 2024-25
On-ground action undertaken within PPWCMA projects in priority areas of the ~72,000 hectares of Ramsar wetlands in the region to reduce threats to these areas, protect their ecological condition and contribute to Australia meeting international commitmentsMaintenance of ecological condition of the Western Port Ramsar wetland
On-ground action undertaken within PPWCMA projects to eradicate feral cats on French Island and benefit an array of threatened native bird and mammal species that inhabit or visit the islandFeral cat population on French Island eradicated

Our projects

Ramsar Protection Program

The Ramsar Protection Program is a long-term, multi-partner program that aims to improve the ecological values of Western Port and Port Phillip Bay’s western shoreline, internationally-significant under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, through collaborative through on-ground projects and community awareness initiatives.

Two Great Ramsar Wetlands

Two Great Ramsar Wetlands is a five-year project (2018-23) funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program that aims to bring key agencies, land managers
and community groups together to reduce the threats to the Port Phillip and Western Port Ramsar
sites through landscape-scale actions including pest animal and weed control, revegetation, habitat augmentation and community engagement and education.

Feral Cat Free French Island

The Feral Cat Free French Island project is working to eradicate feral cats from French Island (part of the Western Port Ramsar site) in order to create a safe-haven for the island’s unique fauna, which includes ground-dwelling species such as the Long-nosed Potoroo and migratory birds, such as the Eastern Curlew.

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