Regional Catchment Strategy

Strategy for a complex region

_DSC5464The Port Phillip & Western Port region is home to 4.2 million people. Its land, waterways, coasts and bays are intensively managed by around 50 local governments and state agencies and over 300 community-based organisations. The Regional Catchment Strategy assists them to coordinate their work around its shared vision and targets.

The Regional Catchment Strategy has significantly evolved from previous editions. It is an interactive website designed to be reviewed and updated in response to change. It is designed to be partner driven and owned, founded on measurable targets set by its partner organisations. It encourages its partner organisations to choose how they will achieve their targets and provides them with a framework to measure their progress and success.

The measures and targets for environmental health in the RCS provide guidance to all of the region’s natural resource managers and planning authorities. They will be continuously monitored and reviewed as conditions change and new information becomes available.

For more information visit the Port Phillip and Western Port Regional Catchment Strategy website.