Pollinator and Beneficial Insects Guide

The Common Pollinators and Beneficial Insects Guide has been prepared to aid farmers, field naturalists and insect enthusiasts with the identification of some pollinator and beneficial insects commonly found in Victoria.

The guide was originally compiled by Manu Saunders and Karen Retra with support from the Slopes to Summit Partnership and the NSW Environmental Trust.

This version was originally adapted by the Port Phillip & Westernport CMA and Agribusiness Yarra Valley with funding from the Victorian Government.

Request a printed copy

If you would like a printed copy of the Common Pollinator and Beneficial Insects Guide please complete the form below. Please note that these are in limited supply and we can only provide a maximum of two copies per person. Please allow a few weeks for it to arrive.

Community organisations can request up to 20 copies, to do so please contact Karen Thomas at karen.thomas@ppwcma.vic.gov.au. We are happy to provide the print file to organisations wishing to print bulk quantities at their own cost.

Additional pollinator resources

The Pollinator and Beneficial Insects Guide provides a good starting point, but many species can look similar. Please see the references and websites listed if you would like help with accurate species identification.