Strategies and plans for better environments

2 October 2017

Good Reads lists over 300 quotes about the virtues of planning.  So its little surprise that the Port Phillip and Western Port region is alive with people making strategies and plans for better environments.

The Port Phillip & Westernport CMA’s Environmental Strategy Manager, Ian Morgans, has been an active participant in a number of consultations recently and has provided the following ‘what’s on’ guide:

It seems that workshops and working groups to renew the Healthy Waterways Strategy will be found on almost every river and creek flat around the region until early next year. Melbourne Water aims to lead a co-designed strategy that many organisations will own and help implement.  The workshops are interesting, informative and inclusive.  Recommended and all welcome.

Also at big-scale, players are deep in rehearsals for public events to support consultations for the Yarra Strategic Plan. The Yarra Strategic Plan could be a national premiere. The aim is to get development, planning, parks and open space, stormwater management and river conservation all on the same stage.

A more local version of these big-scale waterway plans is happening on the Moonee Ponds Creek where co-design is shaping practical projects to improve the Moonee Ponds Creek Catchment. Stormwater, creek and floodplain management and land use planning are being worked over by a dynamic group of local organisations and Councils.

Integrated Water Management (IWM) Planning is about to start playing at a venue near you. IWM will be a big-band, all-singing, all-dancing show to make much better use of water in urban environments. Watch out for proposals about new water supplies, sewerage treatments, aquifer storage of stormwater and new ideas about how to keep our green spaces green as climate change gives Melbourne a climate more like central-western NSW.  Proposals to supply treated waste water for domestic uses might make guest appearances and media highlights. Keep an eye on your local Water Corporation website for details.

The City of Casey Green Wedge Plan is about to be released for public comment.  This will be open until 13th November 2017.  Green Wedge Plans have had a low profile in recent years, but have not lost their drawing power as a place to discuss where and why Melbourne’s green space and rural lands should be reserved from housing and industrial development.

Green Wedge plans are about the city’s ‘cutting-edge’ but residents on the edge and in the established suburbs can all tangle with Urban Forests Strategy.  Resilient Melbourne and the Nature Conservancy are working on a Strategy for the City of Melbourne and surrounding inner suburbs and consultations for the City of Wyndham City Forest & Habitat Strategy are about to be launched.

For more information contact the Port Phillip and Westernport CMA on 03 8781 7900 or