Supporting community-driven education and business planning

1 August 2017

The Port Phillip and Westernport CMA has been assisting the Bunurong Land Council  and the Wurundjeri Council to work towards their goals and aspirations for participation in natural resource management.

Bunurong Land Council have successful developed business plan, along with a promotional prospectus. A working draft has been completed and is currently being reviewed by the Bunurong Land Council, PPWCMA and other partners.

The Wurundjeri Tribe Council were able to develop a series of cultural practice workshops which focus on connecting to culture, ecology and country.  The program in broken into three parts – a fibre and weaving workshop, a wooden artefact and implement creation workshop and a workshop to produce three stones axes. Each of the workshops involve sourcing and preparing the materials required in using traditional methods. The Council are required to produce documentation and records of the methods and process for their community and will promote the outcomes to PPWCMA staff in late 2017.

The Wurundjeri Council’s Narrap team members are also strongly pursuing knowledge around the use of traditional fire and thanks to the grants, a team of people to were able to attend the National Indigenous Fire Workshop in Cape York in July 2017.

At the National Indigenous Fire Workshop, participants from all across the country learned first-hand from Balnggarrawarra Gaarraay Melson traditional owners about how to read the country, the animals, the trees, the seasons, and the cultural responsibility of looking after country. Demonstrations and workshops all lead to practicing culture – learning how to make the country healthy by “walking with fire”.

These on-country workshops have been held annually since 2008 and have been developed over the years to strengthen culture and share the importance of getting traditional fire regimes back on country.

The PPWCMA’s Regional Indigenous Facilitator attended the workshop and will be working with the Narrap team to take the knowledge they gained and build it into their business models and plans.

These projects are supported by the PPWCMA’s Regional Indigenous Facilitator and Indigenous Environment Grants, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.