Tackling Queensland Fruit Fly together

2 February 2021

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our staff passionate about their work.

Our Central Agriculture Work Crew is excited to be part of the Nillumbik Shire Council’s efforts to tackle Queensland Fruit Fly. Over the next 5 months the crew is undertaking Queensland Fruit Fly baiting, trapping and monitoring in Eltham.

Queensland Fruit Fly is one of Australia’s worst horticultural pests, and is serious threat to commercial fruit growers, hobby farmers and home gardeners.

Over the last few years, QFF sightings have increased in the Port Phillip and Western Port region, with Nillumbik being heavily affected. Reducing fly numbers now will allow home and commercial growers more time to modify growing practices in order to contain this pest.

The PPWCMA’s Work Crews project is supported by the Victorian Government through the Working for Victoria initiative.

Work Crew Supervisor Susanne Gildea and Work Crew Member Russell Cavanagh excited to get the job done with Nillumbik Shire’s Land Management Officer, Stephanie Orive.
Work Crew Member Russell Cavanagh undertaking baiting application in Eltham.