French Island feral cat and wildlife monitoring

The lead up to, and as part of, the Feral Cat Free French Island project, the Port Phillip & Westernport CMA has been working with Parks Victoria, French Island Landcare Group, Zoos Victoria and expert consultants to monitor the impacts of feral cats on native wildlife across French Island.

This research mapped the ‘baseline’ activity of feral cats and native wildlife populations on the island, particularly ground-nesting birds, prior to undertaking intensive broad-scale control across the island.

The project team deployed 60 remote cameras across the island to help determine feral cat distribution and abundance. In addition to this, acoustic recorders have been strategically placed across the island to record and identify bird calls.

Wildlife sounds and images

Press PLAY to listen to a soundscape recorded on French Island as part of the study to monitor ground-nesting birds.

The images below highlight the amazing wildlife that can be found on French Island, as well as the threats to these species by feral cat’s.

Further information

For more information on the Feral Cat Free French Island project contact Andrew Morrison at or 0438 213 148.

The initial monitoring for this project was funded through the Australian Government’s Office of the Threatened Species Commissioner. The current project is supported by Port Phillip & Westernport CMA through funding from the Australian Government, the Victorian Government and Zoos Victoria in partnership with Parks Victoria, French Island Landcare Group and Phillip Island Nature Parks.