Grants Reporting Requirements

There are certain reporting requirements for both Victorian and Australian Government projects and these reporting requirements may change.

It is important for all grant applicants and deliverers of projects to understand the governmental requirements for both reporting and for mapping activities undertaken (spatial data reporting).

In all cases, these requirements will be specified in agreements with project deliverers.

Questions about these requirements can be directed to the PPWCMA’s Environmental Projects Manager by calling 03 8781 7921 or emails


Spatial data recording/reporting for government funded projects

All project activities must now be recorded and reported spatially. Spatial data can be points, lines or shapes on a map to show the geographic location of where works, events or other activities have been completed.

The PPWCMA has updated the final report template to include this requirement.  For more information see the spatial data reporting requirements (PDF – 298KB)

There are also online resources to assist project deliverers meet these mapping requirements. Some of these are:


Templates and other resources