Bittern Coastal Wetlands Virtual Tour

The Bittern Coastal Wetlands form part of the Western Port Ramsar site, a wetland of great international significance.

The wetlands are naturally occurring and the PPWCMA work in partnership with Mornington Peninsula Shire to manage the site. Over recent years, Mornington Peninsula Shire have undertaken extensive pest plant and animal control to improve the condition of the site, which has enhance the overall habitat for key species, including migratory birds that visit annually.

The Bittern Coastal Wetlands features a boardwalk, which offers a unique opportunity to view and experience this segment of the Rasmar site without having an impact on the fragile vegetation.

But before you even set foot on the boardwalk, you can take our virtual tour and learn about the unique environmental features of the wetland’s flora and fauna,so you know what to look for.

To take the virtual tour, use the buttons at the bottom of the below screen to navigate, including 360 degree views and fullscreen mode.