Farms2Schools Program

Farms2Schools is an innovative program that will use school incursions and excursions with farms to provide students with an insight into how agricultural products get from the paddock to their plate.

The program will introduce students to farmers and agricultural industry workers from their local area, who will share information about farming through a range of visual and practical activities.

The program aims to deliver 180 incursions and 60 excursions across the south east (Western Port and Mornington Peninsula catchments), north (Yarra catchment) and west (Werribee and Maribyrnong catchments) areas of the Port Phillip and Western Port region.

Three Farms2Schools Coordinators will work will schools and farmers to deliver the program.

This project is supported by the Victorian Government.


School incursions will involve a farmer and/or primary industry professional visiting a school. They will last one or two sessions and cover a topic selected by the school (relevant to their curriculum and learning modules).

At the incursions farmers will discussion with the students on how they manage their agricultural enterprise, what motivates them and other perspectives from life on the land. Interactive activities appropriate to the year level/s participating will also be included.

The farmers involved in incursions will need to be confident, enthusiastic and keen to share their knowledge with students. Presenters will need to use verbal presentation skills, multimedia (photos and videos), practical examples and activities. Farmers will be paid a fee for their preparation, travel and presentation of up to $250 per incursion.

Farms and schools will be matched and booked by a Farms2School Coordinator. Depending on coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, incursions are expected to begin from term 3 and continue through term 4. Virtual options may be available if necessary.


Schools that select a Farms2Schools excursion will be matched with a suitable local farm and/or agricultural facility for students to visit. Excursions are anticipated to generally be ‘on-farm’ and to take two to four hours, depending on travel time and age of the students. A Farm2School Coordinator will help to arrange a suitable date and time. Biosecurity measures will be in place during all farm visits.

Preference may be given to farms that can offer good access to showcase whole farm systems, such as packing sheds, processing, farm gates, advanced/precision technology and/or multiple (stacked) enterprises. Farms will be paid a fee of up to $800 per excursion.

It is envisaged that excursions will commence in Spring 2020 (depending on coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions).

Expression of interest

If you are a farm or school in the Port Phillip and Western Port region and are interesting in participating in the Farms2Schools program please fill in the appropriate form below.

Schools expression of interest form

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More information

Karen Thomas
Regional Agriculture Facilitator
0427 480 170