Agricultural and Environmental Work Crews

The PPWCMA’s works crews are a six month project to assist farmers, organisations and community groups to deliver their agricultural and environmental projects and improve their sustainability credentials while providing employment to Victorians.

Six work crews are working across the western (Werribee and Maribyrnong catchments), northern (Yarra catchment) and south-eastern (Mornington Peninsula and Western Port catchments) areas of the Port Phillip and Western Port region to provide a range of agricultural and environmental services.

The PPWMCA’s Work Crew project is supported by the Victorian Government through the Working for Victoria initiative.

The PPWCMA works crews are at capacity and expressions of interest for their services is no longer being accepted.


Work crew services are available to:

  • Farms and other small agricultural or environmental enterprises
  • Local councils and other government organisations
  • Traditional Owner organisations
  • Landcare groups
  • Friends of and other community environmental groups
  • Bushfire affected landholders

Work crew services

The work crews will provide a range of field services including:

  • Revegetation (eg. riparian, shelterbelts, buffers) – planting/guarding and watering if required of new native vegetation
  • Beneficial insect/pollinator plants (native species) – installation of insectary planting to promote pollination
  • Pruning/harvest or other orchard/farm maintenance
  • Composting, mulching and erosion control
  • Queensland Fruit Fly monitoring (traps) where farmers would like to participate in the regional monitoring program
  • Installation of wildlife nesting substrates such as artificial tree hollows, fallen trees, rocks and suitable habitat areas in fenced biodiversity areas
  • Bushfire recovery work, such as revegetation and weed control, in the Bunyip fire recovery area
  • Pest plant control
  • Weed control – cut and dab, drill and fill, manual removal and use of non-aerosol non-Glyphosate herbicides
  • Litter collection and general clean-up
  • Environmental research and monitoring
  • Other field work that assists farmers to implement whole farm plans.

Crews have tools, personal protective equipment and accredited farm chemical user training. The PPWCMA the capacity to supply native plants, tree guards, Queensland Fruit Fly traps, nesting boxes and other materials so please feel free to discuss your needs with us.


The work crews project is operating from November 2020 (depending on coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions) until April 2021.