Working to eradicate French Island’s feral cats

28 September 2017

The Port Phillip & Westernport CMA is working with key stakeholders and agencies to develop a project plan to eradicate feral cats from French Island.

A new project plan outlines the actions and responsibilities to deliver landscape-scale pest animal management across the 17,000 hectare island.

French Island was nominated as one of five islands across Australia being considered for feral cat eradication by the Office of the Threatened Species Commissioner and PPWCMA was selected to coordinate a feasibility assessment of feral cat eradication on French Island.

This feasibility assessment was completed in August 2017 and found that a full eradication approach would deliver outstanding social, economic and environmental benefits.

Since 2010, PPWCMA has worked collaboratively with Parks Victoria and French Island Landcare to implement a feral cat trapping program.  This has resulted in over 950 feral cats being trapped across private and public land.

Targeted community engagement has helped raise community awareness of the unique environmental values of the island and the impacts of feral cats on native fauna.

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